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Signing for Early Years
Continuing Professional Development Workshop

Our CPD certified sign language training, run by a licensed trainer is a 'must have' for every Early Years provision.

What is Signing for Early Years?

As you can imagine, it's about giving Childcare Professionals who work with children 0-6 years the tools and skills they need to include sign language in their nursery, pre-school, childminding premises, or to use with their young charges in a nanny capacity.

It's an interactive, 2 hour training workshop that is delivered as a whole setting training or by bringing individuals together for evening training.


Is Sign Language Essential for Early Years?


Yes it is!

Signing is a hugely powerful tool that can greatly benefit young children in their early years of development. Research has shown that incorporating sign language into early childhood education can enhance communication skills, promote cognitive development and improve overall behaviour.

By using sign language, children are able to communicate their needs and wants more effectively, reducing frustration and promoting positive social interactions. Additionally, sign language can help bridge language barriers between children and caregivers, creating a more inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Enhancing Cognitive Development through Signing

Research has shown that learning sign language can have a positive impact on cognitive development in young children. When children learn to sign, they are using both the left and right sides of their brain, which helps to strengthen neural connections and improve overall brain function.


In addition, sign language can also help children develop better communication skills, as it requires them to pay close attention to visual cues and body language. This can lead to improved social skills and better relationships with peers and caregivers.

Building Relationships through Signing

Sign language is not just a communication tool; it is also a way to build relationships between children and their caregivers. When caregivers use sign language with children, it creates a sense of closeness and connection that can be difficult to achieve through spoken language alone.

This is especially important in the early years when children are still developing their social skills and need nurturing relationships to feel safe and secure.

Our Services

In-house Training

This training includes:

  • The link between Communication  Development and Signing

  • Signing Theory

  • Understanding the benefits to different age groups

  • How to involve parents

  • Basic signs

  • Implementing Signing into your provision

This training is around 3.5 hours (half day) long and prepared for organisations with 10-20 attendees.

In-House training is available from CHF670.-/2h

Parent Workshop

Would you like to offer parents an information evening to learn more about how sign language can support their child's development?

We gladly offer this training to parents.


A Parent Workshop is available from CHF240

Follow on Training

All participants who have completed our training are invited to join our themed top-up classes.

This can take place online or in person and covers common themes (Spring, Halloween, Christmas etc.) where you will learn signs, songs and activities to share in your professional practice.

Follow on training from CHF35 per person

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