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Multiple families engaged in a baby sign class all making the sign for rabbit

Baby Signing Classes

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Open up a whole new world with Sign Language 

Baby sign enhances early interaction, strengthens the bond between parent and child, and reduces frustration by improving communication. Babies learn through auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic means, and signing helps them learn words more quickly by combining visual cues with spoken words.

Children and parents joining in a baby sign class making the sign for dog
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Baby signing helps your little one communicate their needs and wants, reducing frustration and those dreaded meltdowns. It's like giving them a secret language to tell you, "Hey, I want that bottle!" So say hello to a more peaceful household and goodbye to the drama!

Image by Lawrence Crayton

When we sign with our babies we give them a 'voice' to express their needs. Imagine how amazing it feels to be 'heard' before you can make words. Having your needs met develops a strong and trusting bond between baby and caregiver.

 By using signs alongside spoken words, you give your child's brain an extra boost, improving their speech skills. Soon enough, they'll surprise you with their chattering prowess, leaving everyone in awe!

Baby Boy

Using sign language is not just a way for your little one to communicate, it also means your little one can be understood by those around them.

Playing with Baby

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